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Don’t Print That! With Charley Walters – LA Vikings Question Mark?

Charley Walters from the Saint Paul Pioneer Press is a bit of a poop smear. He likes to take off-handed comments and turn them into his little “a bird told me” feature which he can reference later in the .05% chance he ends up being right about it, making him look all smart. What gems has he shared with us today? See if you can separate fact from fiction!


The Minnesota Vikings brass had meetings this week with AEG developers from Los Angeles. This is a clear sign that Zygi Wilf is preparing to move the team to LA now that the Minnesota legislature was unable to come to a decision on a new Vikings stadium. They met at Key’s Cafe in Minneapolis. Zygi ordered the Key’s Burger, medium-well (he stays away from pork products, an spinning dreidel told me), and former Minnesota Timberwolves VP, and current AEG CEO Tim Leiweke, ordered a Cob Salad with a lemon slice on the side. According to a Hollywood sign letter, this is the newest chic salad trend in all of Los Angeles. But was this meeting ONLY for lunch?


The Vikings representatives wanted to discuss perspective on how to build a successful entertainment complex like AEG has done in LA with their “LA Live” location. The hope has been to learn from their success and re-create a similar land of fun at the proposed Arden Hills location in Minnesota, according to a waiter who re-filled the diners water during their brief lunch at Key’s. Sources like Margaret, at the cash register, say they overhead specific details of “painting stadium seats in LA purple”, a clear indication that more than ideas about a Minnesota stadium were swapped this day.


Trust old Charley Walters here when I tell you more was discussed with AEG than just how to successfully build an entertainment complex in Minnesota. Words that floated around this exclusive meeting included “open-air stadium”, “Los Angeles Football”, “Grocery cart”, “Leave me the hell alone”, and “Are you going to finish that?” according to the homeless man outside the restaurant I bribed for the inside scoop. If anything, this meeting was purposefully crafted to light a fire under the Minnesota legislature to call a special session and address the Vikings needs for a stadium before it’s too late!

And it will get done, you can take my word for it, for I am Charley Walters, according to the name tag Shirley gave me at the front desk.