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Droppin’ Knowledge with a Capital J – Draft Day Edition

Once again Capital J drops in to share some knowledge with all of us. He has provided his ENTIRE seven round Vikings mock draft which PJD will go on to mock. Both attempts will be unsuccessful. Check out some of his other work on his site, and read on for a preview of tonight’s NFL draft … which continues on for like eight weeks. As usual, his comments look normal and mine are all slanty. You’ll figure it out.

Round 1, Pick 30 – Devin McCourty, CB, Rutgers

The Vikings lack depth at CB with Antoine Winfield coming off an injury-plagued 2009 season and Cedric Griffin trying to recover from a torn ACL suffered on the OT kick-off against the Saints. They have last year’s 3rd round selection, along with the re-signed Benny Sapp, but could still use a player to push both of them. McCourty is a good option at 30 as he can come in and contribute right away on special teams while also pushing for a starting spot in the near future.

Haha, hey guys. Seriously, I was telling Capital J early this week that I had NO CLUE who the Vikings were going to pick in the first round of this draft! I still don’t! However, since that funny story is out of the way, I will say that everything I’ve come across and read indicates … well, pretty much the same. McCourty? Sure, why not. Also a possibility here would be Kareem Jackson, Tim Tebow, Maurkice Pouncey, Colt McCoy, Jimmy Clausen, Teryiaki Slim Jim Beef Jerky, Crystal Coke, Kyle Wilson, or this pick and Tarvaris Jackson, just so someone will take Jackson. Pick 30? No idea.

Round 2 (62 Overall) – Montario Hardesty, RB, Tennesee

Montario Hardesty is a perfect all-around back and would be a nice replacement for Chester Taylor. Hardesty isn’t the fastest guy, but has good hands, is a decent blocker, and is a one-cut playmaker at the RB position. The Vikings do seem to love Albert Young and have recently moved Darius Reynaud to RB, but Hardesty is good value at the end of the 2nd round and has more potential than Young. Alot of people argue that RB isn’t really a need position, but I would disagree. Neither Young or Reynaud have proven anything yet, and while Hardesty is not a sure bet to be a stud in the NFL, he has the potential to be.

WHAT??!! THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!! WE ALREADY HAVE A RUNNING BACK!! Ha ha, just kidding around. But really, I don’t think they target a running back here, even if he is best value. I think they’re serious with Reynaud at running back, as retarded as that is, and they keep pimping Albert Young. ZOMBSMOKE SCREEN??!!! Maybe. But I also don’t buy that a rookie RB is going to do the things that Taylor did when here. I kind of see them hitting the OLine here, or a QB prospect along the lines of McCoy or Tebow, or whoever drops, with the second pick. I mean, with Childress, the second picks have netted us Loadholt, Rice, and … Jackson … but usually some good, KEY, players. I don’t know if Hardesty would fit that bill.

Round 3 (93 Overall) – John Skelton, QB, Fordham

Round 3 might be a little high for a D-IAA school QB in John Skelton, but when the Vikings like a guy at the position (T-Jack), they will make sure they get their guy. Skelton has drawn comparisons to Joe Flacco. He has a good arm and has prototypical size at 6’5. A year behind Favre and Skelton could be the guy in 2011.

Fuck me if John Skelton starts for the Vikings. I would rather put a straw up my urethra. I assume that you’ve looked into this a little bit since you actually made the pick and I’m just being an asshole, but there’s no way this guy is Flacco-esque. He doesn’t even have a unibrow! That, and I there’s no way his arm is at least as strong. Fordham? Where is that? Rhode Island?New York? AND IT’S FOR JESUITS!??! JESUITS FOR PURPLE JESUS!! Ok, Skelton is cool by me.

Round 4 (128 Overall) – Willie Young, DE, NC State

Ray Edwards’ future with the Vikings is in doubt. At some point they would probably like to nab a prospect to groom in the even Edwards isn’t in purple much longer. Young possesses good size and produced increasing sack numbers in each season. He has a good initial burst and has the intangibles to develop into a starter down the road. Edwards was a 4th round pick himself.

Ray Edwards can suck the semen out of my cum rag. I like your rationalizing with Young here, though. If he just keeps continuing to increase his sack average per season, he’ll be the best player EVER. Hey, best indicator of future success is past experience, so that’s what we have to go off of. I say it’s a lock. Also, DE, as a position in general, does make some sense. There’s not a lot of talent after The Mullet Man and Ray Ray. Robison, and that’s about it. No, I’m not counting Jayme Mitchell.

Round 5 (161 Overall) – Rennie Curran, LB, Georgia

E.J. Henderson’s health is in question and Ben Leber isn’t getting any younger. Although Curran played OLB at Georgia, he is better suited as an ILB in the pro’s as he does not have great lateral speed and plays his best football between the tackles. Curran could push Jasper Brinkley for playing time if EJ Henderson misses time. Curran is undersized, but was extremely productive at Georgia and Spielman loves SEC players.

Spielman is totes gay for the SEC. I don’t really know anything about Curran either. However, I think the search for a MLB is a bit overblown. Sure, EJ is probably still dead, but Brinkley filled in admirably at the end of the season and I’m actually more concerned about the outside play if Greenway goes down (on your mom) or Leber gets hurt or retires or whatever. He’s like 39, right? The depth there sucks. What about a guy like Philip Dillard? He may be gone by now, but could work as a ST guy and OLB.

Round 5 (167 Overall) – Ramon Harewood, OT, Morehouse

Harewood is a massive offensive line prospect that moves well for his size. He could become a swing offensive lineman back-up for the Vikings. His stock has been shooting up lately and the Vikings are one of the teams that have expressed interest in the Morehouse product. There is very little depth along the offensive line right now so versatility is important.

His name is Ramon Harewood. HAREWOOD. Come on people. He should be drafted on that fact alone so people can by his jersey. Also, drafting OL depth is important in this draft. Personally, I think it’s important enough to do it in earlier rounds, but hey, maybe this guy pans out like Dustin Fox did!

Round 6 (199 Overall) – Richard Dickson, FB/TE, LSU

Richard Dickson is another SEC player that the Vikings have brought in for a visit. He is a versatile player that can line up at TE of FB, as he did in college. Visanthe Shiancoe and Jim Kleinsasser are both in their 30’s and there is little depth behind them. Garrett Mills has so far proven to be nothing more than an injury prone camp body. Jeff Dugan would serve as a good mentor to Dickson, but Dickson is a more polished receiver than Dugan. The Vikings haven’t shown much faith in Fahu Tahi, offering him the lowest possible tender and only signing him to another one year deal, so they are likely looking to upgrade at the position or at the very least bring in some competition.

What?!? Tahi has like 16 more years left in him! NOOOOO!! Or, wait, yeah, bring someone else in, especially a guy who’s name is Richard Dickson. Come on! Are you just picking guys with penis names now?? Really! And we all know how much Childress likes dual-role guys (no homo) on his team. It allows him to save a roster spot so that he can dress a kick off specialist every game. … Seriously. What the fuck is that about?

Round 7 (237 Overall) – Kevin Matthews, C, Texas A&M

Matthews is a smaller (by NFL terms) center and fits the mold of the type of player the Vikings have targeted at the position recently. Jon Cooper and John Sullivan are both smaller guys as well. Matthews very well could go undrafted and if so, the Vikings will likely be one of the teams trying to sign him up. The A&M product is the son of Hall of Fame lineman Bruce Matthews.

Eh, essentially this is a throw away pick, however, if you or any of the readers actually get pick 237 right (whether it’s the Vikings actually picking or if they trade it to another team), I will take my hat off to you and photoshop Adrian Peterson riding a horse with a sign that has your name on it. I promise. However, whereas Capital J went offense here, I could see the Vikings taking a shot at another defensive player just in case. But really, we’re splitting hairs here, and by this point in the draft events no one will fucking care, least of all Kevin Matthews.

Happy drafting, everyone!