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Favre Didn’t Run Because His Ego was Bruised

Photos have started to hit the web tonight of what are allegedly Brett Favre’s ankle and hamstring area as they appeared after the Vikings lost to the Saints in the shitastic NFC Championship game. Some people feel like these pictures offer enough evidence as to why Favre threw the pick at the end of the game instead of running a couple of measly yards or so. Well, we here at PJD are some bonafide dickheads, and we don’t accept that as an excuse. However, if we receive pictures of Brett Favre’s bruised titular or vaginal regions, then we may understand the hesitancy to run.

Right? Like he has a bruised vagina because I’m still upset at him? Ah, nevermind. Also, I hope these aren’t just photos of some dude taking half naked shots of himself and sending them to me. I’d feel worse then ever then.

Special thanks to reader Adam for the heads up.