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Favre Telethon Lacks Donated Dong Photos

Seen last week at Vikings Gab and at ESPN North’s blog, a recent faux-telethon was shown where Minnesota Vikings left tackle Bryant McKinnie essentially places his vote of zero confidence in Tarvaris Jackson by hosting the Brett Favre telethon.

As you can see in the video, there’s a fat guy with a beard that also happens to be stupid because he thinks the telethon is about him. There is also an attractive woman that draws the viewer (most likely male) in with her white pearly smile immediately. There is also an Asian guy as well, which made me think it was Sean Jensen right away, but probably isn’t. I mean, they all look alike, right, Owen Wilson??

Regardless, the thing that jumped out to me the most about this is how it seems to back handily slap TarVar in the junk by showing McKinnie agreeing and looking downtrodden at the thought that if Favre doesn’t come back, the Vikings have no shot at anything ever, even like, fifth place in our own division with four teams.

The second thing that jumped out was the total lack of reference to dong pictures, which I’m pretty sure is what I would donate to Favre if I donated anything. That, and maybe a letter bomb.