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Final Metrodome Game Time Lapse Video

It's the last day of the week, so why not look back at the last game at the Metrodome.

We reviewed all sorts of items from the Metrodome's final game this year – including how they Vikings amazingly actually won the game! – and as the final days of the huge old toilet come to a head, we continue to get other items about the "final game" coming out. Including a recently released video from the Vikings showing a time lapse video of the final game.

A couple of notes:

– The cheerleaders are the first people out? How long did they actually practice before hand? All this time I thought they were freestyle twerking out there, but now I just feel like a jerk.

– Stadium doors usually open at 2 hours before kick off, right? At first I was kind of surprised that there weren't more people filling the seats up around the 10:00 AM or even 10:30 AM time stamp. But then I thought about it, and every time I've ever gone to the game I've always got in super fast, bought a beer, and sat down right at kickoff. Who would want to sit in the Dome and buy $37 beers instead of at a local bar or tailgate? That makes way more sense I guess.

– Vikings balloon ship appears out of NO WHERE!

– There sure are a lot of a-holes who walk around, up and down the aisles, blocking people's views, all game long. SIT DOWN, JERK FACE!

– How does the American flag in the top right wave around so much? Is there really that much air flow that was at the top of the Dome roof? IS THERE ANOTHER HOLE??

– The blips of fans standing up as something good happens is always funny. It's like, for 3 hours, you do nothing but sit there and then, WOO!, and then WOO! again, and then that's it.

– That place clears out FAST. Like me sitting down in the bathroom after a night of dark beer and chili.

– At about the 4:07 mark, security team gets together and hugs it out in their final game.


Oh well. See ya, Domer.