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Fred Smoot is Getting the Love Boat Crew Back Together

When former Minnesota Vikings cornerback Fred Smoot gets on the internet and says he's going to throw another Love Boat party, you tend to listen. Even if the alleged charity event party ends up spiraling out of control and becomes fans just paying Fred Smoot to get his drink on. Essentially. 

Whether it's called the Plutonic Love Boat, Love Boat 2.0, or Okra Boat, it doesn't matter, because our favorite backwards CB from the mid-2000's was back on Reddit this week to both promote his upcoming Love Boat Part and apparent charity event in Washington, DC this March, and also to answer some fan questions throughout the day. Throughout the thread, the "charity" part of this event became rather suspect, but we were still left with some classic Fred Smoot zingers, which is all I care about. I wasn't going to be donating anyway. 

So to that end, we combed through this wonderful event in history and cherry picked some of the best Q&As from the thread for your enjoyment. As always, anything that was a dig at the Vikings or had to do with sexual acts were highlights.

On if he ever played for a coach who, say, didn't realize he was coaching adults and still thought he should handle men like he would normally handle high school boys, and if he DID ever happen to oddly have a coach like that, who would that coach have been?

brad childress

No kidding! Brad Childress was bad with other people? Marcus Robinson is shocked. 

On if the Redskins were to change their team name so they wouldn't be so damn racist, what should they update the franchise to?

change the name to the presidents and just be metallic green/money and black and destroy everyone. and it would sorta be like army camo too. imagine me with a big george washington on the side of my helment. how sweet.

On which Power Ranger and/or Ninja Turtle did Fred consider to be his favorite:

always a michaelangelo. i'd be fredatelo. 

Makes sense. Michelangelo was a party dude, and we all know how much Fred likes to party, so it's a natural fit. Also, the fact that he eschewed the Power Rangers answer here makes me happy. Let's all pretend that we didn't silently love the Green Ranger, OK?

When someone asked Fred about the Wikipedia article listing on the Love Boat, about how it alleges that there was some "man on man" sex acts included, he simply responds with:

come on man… (please listen back to the recording later – hilarious)

I think he had some radio appearance he referenced in the thread, which is the recording he's talking about here, but like hell if I'm going to take the time to listen to it. I've already given Fred Smoot enough attention here. However, taking this answer as the definitive answer on the matter, it looks to me like this is neither a denial or affirmation, meaning, of course, that we have to assume Daunte Culpepper french kissed Bryant McKinnie sensually. I'll buy it. 

Finally, Mr. Smoot nasty was kind enough to answer our OWN question we posed. We wanted to know if Bryant McKinnie was going to be up in this Love Boat 2.0 jam, and if he was bringing the Okra Patch with him (because that would clearly influence our decision to attend towards a positive response). His answer:

great question.

I'll take that as a resounding yes. Don't ever change, Fred.