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Game Thread: 49ers vs. Vikings Demolishing

Alright y'all, who's excited for this mouth bashing today?! The San Francisco 49ers are coming to town to face the Minnesota Vikings, and if the past two weeks with how the 49ers have handled the rest of the NFC North are any indication, we're in for losing a couple teeth and browning our pants today. Excited?! Me neither! That's why I won't actually be participating in this Purple Jesus Diaries Game Thread today. I'm driving back from out of state, but through the magic of SCIENCE (it's actually just computers, and time stamping, but whatever), I am able to present you with this amazing thread on time and in tune.

So come, my friends, air your grievances, gnash your teeth (or gums, or whatever is remaining after this intestinal reaming), and join your fellow purple friends and wishing we would have beaten the hell out of those Colts last week so we could finish out the day 2-1 instead of the inevitable 1-2. Unless …. Can Ponder capture some Favre magic? Can Aromoshadu call upon his inner Greg Lewis? Will Jared Allen remember what it's like to sack someone?! …. Uhhh … No, no to all of the above. None of those things will happen, but, hey, remember when we were 1-0? I kind of do. That was fun.

Enjoy … the game? Folks? I'll be listening to Paul Allen in the car, so pray for my soul, please.