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Game Thread: Bills vs. Vikings Preseason Pillow Fight

You guys, it’s another football game already! Can you believe it?

Tonight, the Buffalo Bills travel south to warmer climates, and visit your Minnesota Vikings in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the Vikings will play their first home game of the season, kind of technically, at the Metrodome. How will the crowd behave for the first home game of the year? Will there be hot dogs thrown? Will any more women from Iowa fornicate in a bathroom? We’ll keep our fingers crossed.

So grab a drink, jump on in here, and let’s talk some Vikings football in this week’s Purple Jesus Diaries’ Game Thread! We’ll be keeping a close on on extra Ponder snaps, the first appearance of Josh Robinson this season, and Harrison Smith against a starting caliber NFL team. Let’s go, white rookie! We got your back!

Enjoy the game, everyone.

To get you excited, here is Metallica playing Creeping Death live in Moscow from 1991. Pfffftt!! LET’S KILL SOMETHING!! WOO!!