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Game Thread: Buccaneers vs. Vikings Primetime Ponderings

Lights, cameras, SMACTION!!

The Minnesota Vikings take to the primetime slot this week as the "welcome" the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to the Metrodome for a bout of Thursday Night Football. I wonder … How many of you took work off on Friday strictly because of this game? I didn't, but I probably should have, because scotch. Regardless, whether you need a friend during the game or soon thereafter to talk all things Purple and Thursday Night Football, you've come to the right place – Purple Jesus Diaries Game Thread!

Will Ponder stop throwing interceptions? I asked this question last week and the answer was a solid "No." But at least he answered. Will the Bucs offense stop pretending their good? Against our defense at least? Probably not. Will the game be played as lousy as a couple of girls in a boob slap fight? You bet your tits. But frankly, it doesn't matter. Thursday Football stars the Vikings, dudes! Let's watch.

Enjoy the game, everyone. We'll chime in when we can, and do a recap of sorts at some point on Friday.