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Game Thread: Chargers vs. Vikings Preseason Make Out Session

Welcome to another Purple Jesus Diaries Game Thread, in which I shall actually be participating tonight instead of scampering away and attending the football game in person. If you were thinking about doing that yourself, here’s a pro-tip: DON’T. Drinking at home by yourself with your hand softly cupping your balls is WAY better.

So anyway, grab your brew, grab your nuts, and get in this game thread. We’ll spend the evening together watching the most important preseason game of the year … Which is like getting a handskie from the female lumberjack with the softest hands. Still not that great. Doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it though. We’ll be watching to see rookie Josh Robinson perform, check out how Blair Walsh continues his development, and keep our fingers crossed that Christian Ponder is an actual franchise quarterback. Exciting stuff!

Enjoy the game, everyone!

Until it actually starts though, why don’t you do your own research on whether the following picture is actually a legitimate Minnesota Vikings Cheerleader nipple slip picture or not. We referenced it from Busted Coverage on our Twitter earlier this week and – like another female body part that sits below the waist – decided not to write up a post on it originally because we thought it a little bit too … MUCH. But then the weekend came. And really, then I looked at it again and I was like … Eh? Is that a nipple? It kind of looks like a shadow. Or maybe bra padding sticking out. Or a large collection of nipple hairs. I really can’t tell, so I really don’t think it’s that offensive. YOU BE THE JUDGE:

Check out Busted Coverage for the full story.

Otherwise, LET’S GET DRUNK! And watch football.