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Game Thread: Jaguars vs. Vikings Expectations Fest

Jaguars Vikings Game Thread

Dammit, it happened. I was going to try and act all cool about the Minnesota Vikings first game of the season and pretend I didn't care THAT much because … Jesus … Look at this team? But then I heard Adrian Peterson is likely going to get SOME carries, remembered how horrible of a day it was for college football in Big Ten country (overall, I mean, if you're a Gopher fan your disappointment is just being delayed), and decided I needed something to feel good about. So here we are, NFL. Welcome back to my warm embrace. Now let me squeeze between your legs.

Whether you're at home watching the game with us, going to the game yourself today, or are – God forbid – without TV but somehow have internet access, there are plenty of good reasons to jump into today's Purple Jesus Diaries Game Thread and commiserate with fellow fans. We'll likely be discussing how Purple Jesus looked in his first real game action since his knee injury, asking the unknown questions like why our defense still sucks after all these years, and scouring the internet for more photos of Natalie Dormer, the actress who plays Lady Margaery Tyrell in Game of Thrones, why was a total babe when she dropped her top and pretended like she wanted to have sex with the gay king Renly Baratheon. Great stuff. I'll get us started with some picks after the jump.

But either way, enjoy the game folks. It's a day of celebration. Football is back! Enjoy the 0-0 record while we can.

If you Google search with safe filters off, you'll get the bare breasted prize you're looking for. EXQUISITE:

Margaery Tyrell - Game of Thrones