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Game Thread: Lions vs. Vikings Part Deux

If you were to ask me why I apparently think it's funny to still quote the title of a questionable Charlie Sheen movie, particularly when I think he's a total turd muffin these days, I wouldn't have an answer for you at all. And yet here we are.

Welcome to another Purple Jesus Diaries Game Thread, where we get together with a bunch of bros and hoes and talk about the Vikings game that they are currently vomiting down the front of their jerseys. That's how you know it's always a blast!

So what will happen today? Will Jarius Wright become the golden egg we always thought he would be, or will he simply be that guy that was deactivated for 10 straight games because he's just not that good? Will Ponder throw for more than 50 yards? Will Purple Jesus get a rushing attempt in the second half? I CAN HARDLY CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT!!

So jump in here and talk Vikings with us. Maybe cry about Vikings later. But either way, enjoy the game!