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Game Thread: Texans vs. Vikings Pillow Fight

Woohoo! Football is back! And I don't even care that it's the preseason. You better believe I'll be at this game tonight YELLING at the stupid refs for giving the Vikings crap calls and doing their damnedest to make sure the Texans win. BIASED!! 

Of course, the outcome of this game doesn't matter. Nerdy sports writers will tell you that this preseason is the MOST IMPORTANT THING in the life of a fringe player, but whatever. Either they get a spot or they don't, and they still probably bang hot pieces of butt on the side. How terrible for you. 

Either way, if you have thoughts on the interception that Christian Ponder will inevitably throw tonight, drop them here in the first official Purple Jesus Diaries Game Thread of the season. I'll rewatch the game at home this weekend and leave some running thoughts, too.

So crack a brew, join us, and relax knowing that football has finally returned. It's the good life, my friends.