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Game Thread: Titans vs. Vikings Afternoon Fun Fest

Welcome to a Purple Jesus Diaries Game Thread, where we provide you with an opportunity to talk Tennessee Titans vs. Minnesota Vikings. Today's game is oddly a 3:15 PM game, which I had thought was a time slot they usually saved for teams that are playing well. So color me surprised! Maybe this means that the Vikings ARE a good team! … Or it could mean that the schedulers were being super nice to us during this offseason.

Either way, we got a big game on our hands today. We'll find out how legit this team is, and if they can shush the hype as they work their way towards an astounding 4-1 record. Potentially. Will Ponder continue to play within himself, and be the only NFL starting quarterback without an interception? Will this defense continue to defy convention of sucking, or will they make me regret finally moving Chris Johnson to my fantasy football bench? Will Percy Harvin continue being AWESOME?! That answer is yes, of course. We'll figure out the rest of them later.

Enjoy the game everyone. We'll hit you up tomorrow with a recap.