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Game Thread: Vikings vs. Rams Starts our Playoffs in Week 15

It's week 15 in the NFL and essentially this is the start of the Minnesota Vikings playoff run! If we lose today, you might as well put a high heel in our nuts, because the remainder of the schedule is not only brutal, but … well, we've lost a ton of games then too, and you can't usually get into the playoffs if you suck. It's pretty simple.

So as you watch the amped up atmosphere in St. Louis today as the Vikings fight for their lives, join the Purple Jesus Diaries Game Thread today and share your insights, observations, and swear words. Will Ponder throw for over 100 yards? Will he have more or less than two interceptions? Will we have a wide receiver record a reception? Which defense will we see today? Do you care about any of that nearly as much as you do about Adrian Peterson cracking at least 100 yards again today on his way to the 2,000 record? Me neither. It's all about Purple Jesus from here on out.

So warm up your chili, crack open a Smirnoff Ice, and get ready to be disappointed again (probably)! It's Vikings football, after all. I mean, if you don't get disappointed though, cool, all the better. Enjoy the game, people.