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Game Thread: Vikings vs. Redskins Civil War Game

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Get out your American flags and then PISS ON THEM today, people! Because we're going to burn Washington DC to the ground!! …..

Wait, no, dammit, I keep forgetting their just a football team and we're not actually coming from Iceland to pillage their lands. Whatever. We can at least talk about doing crazy stuff like that in this week's Purple Jesus Diaries Game Thread! Our favorite band of misfits, the Minnesota Vikings, head to the nations Capitol to face the Washington Redskins, looking for retribution for Purple Jesus' knee, as well as to continue the pooping being done all of DC sports. The Nationals choke in a deciding game five? John Wall ruins his knee for their basketball team? Hockey is still locked out (but who really cares)? Perfect! Let's give their new franchise QB a career threatening concussion now, too!

The game starts at 3:15-ish, and will be on FOX. I assume that means we'll get the gas bags Brian Billick and his boyfriend again. If not, well … Just hope it isn't Pam Ward somehow. Enjoy the afternoon games, and after we scalp these racists cock mongers, let's sit back with a chalice of their blood and watch the Packers get gooned by the Texans tonight. I LOVE SUNDAYS!!!

Enjoy the game, everyone. We'll hit you with a recap tomorrow.