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Game Thread: Vikings vs. Redskins

Welcome to a special holiday AND Saturday version of the Purple Jesus Diaries Game Thread! Join us as we watch Vikings games, weep openly together, pray that we lose, but then still get mad somehow when we do. Isn’t being a sports fan awesome?!

It’s a critical game for the franchise today, as we are as close as we’ve been in MONTHS to the number one pick in the 2012 draft, and a sure-fire shot at a franchise quarterback this team hasn’t seen since the days of Spergeon Wynn *jokes*. Andrew Luck is on the horizon, and the Vikings control their own destiny. No pressure, doofuses! Will the team manage to screw this up by winning? Can Christian Ponder put aside his own dreams of being a starting quarterback in the NFL and guide us to a loss? Why didn’t you just leave Purple Jesus back in Minnesota to tend to his present delivering?! All of these questions and more will be addressed today.

So jump in here, join some friends, share some holiday cheer, and root our team on to defeat! We’re almost there!

Enjoy the game!