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Game Thread: Vikings vs. Texans Mini-Playoff Game 1A

It's playoff time! Well, it is for the Vikings when you need to pretty much win every game all the time from here on out to even have a chance.

And so that's what we're doing here on this glorious extended holiday weekend. Join another Purple Jesus Diaries Game Thread today, and bring on the extended family who is probably ruining your household this weekend, as we all watch the Vikings play the Texans with bated breath.

Can the Vikings sneak out a win when they need it most? Will the play this game with the playoff intensity that it deserves? Will Christian Ponder look better in his de facto playoff game here than Tarvaris Jackson did against the Eagles all those moons ago? Does anyone actually give a shit at this point, or is it all just about Adrian Peterson? That's what I thought.

So grab some egg nog, break out the new flannel pajamas, and warm your hands up in your crotch ladies, because it's game time! Let's get this win, please, for the Baby Jesus.

Enjoy the game, folks.