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Get Ready for a Laugh Attack!

Hey Vikings fans! You ready to wig out? Want to hear a real hair brained scheme? Do you love goofy hats as much as we do? Well, get ready to laugh your socks off with this breaking news that happened over the weekend! Crazy coot head coach Brad Childress went unpredictable on the media (and players!) Sunday afternoon when he hit the field looking like a spitting image of famous golfer Ian Poulter, with a visor on that included a full wig of fake hair!!! No way!

Can you believe this coach?? What won’t he do! He is beyond unpredictable and over the top hilarious! Fans, you should have seen him walking around with what looked like a Jen animal pelt covering his bald dome. The laughs were absolutely uncontrollable! The laughs were so plentiful, if you were to have a barrel of monkeys burst out in the middle of the field all slipping on banana peels and flinging poo at each other, you still couldn’t top the guffaws experienced on Sunday! And just so you’re all aware of how hilarious and funny this was, just look at all of the news stations that covered it! Yes, football was practiced on Sunday, but who cares?? How funny is it that we’re covering this story?? When you’re presented with an event so unparalleled, so amazing, so gut busting, you have to bump any terrorist or plane crashing head lining story on the evening news and get your giggle pants ready for this instant classic! Move over, water skiing squirrel! HA! So tie down your chuckle clogs, loosen your silly belt, and oh heck, why not throw on your party pants and check out this laugh-riot video of Childress at camp. You’re going to shit your pants it is so MOTHER FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!