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Golden Tate and Lance Easley Troll Packer Fans

In one of those things that we'll NEVER hear the end of for the rest of our lives, Green Bay Packer fans are still probably freaking out over the fact that their team had a win "stolen" from them last year when replacement referee Lance Easley (and another replacement ref, who cares) called a Packers interception a Seahawks touchdown. It was a glorious moment in the history of humanity, and Packer fans continue to whine about it. And they probably will continue to do so, especially after crap like this happened recently.

You see, that's a picture of Seahawks receiver Golden Tate and Lance Easley at Richard Sherman's celebrity softball tournament. And they're taking a picture together, doing the touchdown signal. And that is funny to me as a Vikings fan.

The dumbest part about this whole thing is the fact that – oh no! – the Packers ended up going 11-5 for the rest of the season, beating the Vikings in the first round of the playoffs, and were still a high profiled NFL team. But dammit! You lost that one game in week three because of replacement refs! How awful!

Packer fans are the dumbest.