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Great Moments in Vikings History: Moe Williams Scores Against the Packers in the Playoffs

PJD is on vacation (again!) so for the next several days we are going down the old memory lane and looking at great moments in Vikings history, which have stood out to me for no reason in particular. First, we’ll give you some type of media to interact with to form your own remembrances and opinions, and then share ours after the jump. Today, we highlight former running back Moe Williams and his touchdown against the Green Bay Packers in the 2004 NFC Playoffs:


Honestly, I tried to just find a clip of that Moe Williams’ touchdown by itself, but for some odd reason people seem to gloss over it and focus on something else from that game … #MOONGATE!

I don’t know why I always had such a soft spot for Moe Williams. Maybe it was because he wore #20 and I thought that was always a solid number for a running back to wear. Maybe it was because he was never real flashy, but always shut up and did his job. Maybe it was because he did his job despite not being ABLE to be flashy. He wasn’t fast or super agile, he wouldn’t beat your ass with a dropped shoulder. He wasn’t great really at anything, but he kind of always just got the job done in a real business-like fashion. Think of him as the anti-Nafauhu Tahi.

Maybe it’s because of all those cards that were stacked against him that I got so geeked when he ripped of this awesome pass and catch against the Packers in the playoffs. This is after the Pack had beaten us twice during the regular season, 34-31 both times on last second field goals, and so you had no idea what was going to happen. But when I saw Moe open up in the flat and dodge away from that first defender before running so agonizingly slow down the sidelines, you knew the day was special.

The rest of the game has it’s own memories, as well, and rightfully so. Duante and Moss were absolute studs that game, even with Moss playing on a bum ankle. It was stellar. But despite the heroics and the ultimate storyline of Brett Favre losing at Lambeau, I’ve never forgotten the unsung hero in Moe Williams. I mean, without Moe’s touchdown, the Vikings … well, we only would have won 24 to 17 then!

😀 *Troll Face*

Stupid Packers.