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Great Moments in Vikings History: Purple Jesus’ First Touchdown

PJD is on vacation (again!) so for the next several days we are going down the old memory lane and looking at great moments in Vikings history, which have stood out to me for no reason in particular. First, we’ll give you some type of media to interact with to form your own remembrances and opinions, and then share ours after the jump. Today, we highlight Purple Jesus’ first touchdown as a Minnesota Viking:


Holy shit I hate that song.

I remember being at this game. I was sitting in the lower levels in the very endzone that Purple Jesus ran into for his first career touchdown, except on the far side of it. Frankly, it didn’t matter because you could barely see him anyway between all the euphoric screams of people being saved from their sins, arms flailing like people just didn’t care, and him being so fast that he just looked like a purple blur. Yet, it was still awesome.

There were several things hilarious about this whole sequence. First, the knock on Purple Jesus coming into the NFL was that he was a bad pass catcher. “Oh, sure, he can run, but he runs angry and runs bad routes and can’t catch with his hands and I’m an idiot heathen!” And then what does he do? He comes out for his first NFL touchdown and makes a RIDICULOUS circus catch, on the run, bobbled, and then bolts for the endzone 60+ yards. Suck a sausage, NFL scouts. The other hilarious thing, that I will never get over, is Brad Childress keeping him as the “back up” to Chester Taylor for so long. Sure, sure … maybe in retrospect he was just trying to ease him in, take some pressure off of him, give him the Ricky Rubio treatment, but also in retrospect, that sounds blithering and stupid. He was more man than half the league when he had fingernails in his mother’s womb.

The other thing I notice upon watching this video again is just how damn fast he is. I don’t know if I’ve seen him speed through that second level in recent years like he did here, and I would wager that after the knee surgery we may never see that again. Super sad. Also, if you look carefully enough I believe he does his signature high stepping through the endzone while simultaneously dropping the ball, even on his first NFL touchdown. Now, sure, he probably did this all through college as well, but as far as I’m concerned, he’s never pleased anyone else like how he’s pleased fans in purple. Whatever Purple Jesus did before he came to Minnesota is between him, God, and tons of YouTube videos.

God bless his beautiful soul.