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Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Chicago


This is from ESPN North’s blog, the incorrigable Kevin Seifert:

As the Chicago Bears have stumbled through a 0-3 preseason, panic has remained trapped beneath the surface. We’ve only seen a few warning signs, most notably quarterback Jay Cutler’s admission Saturday night that pass protection issues has made it difficult “just trusting guys” on the offensive line.

No one should have expected a sterling preseason. The Bears are installing a new offense, have new starters sprinkled throughout their defense and have endured more than their share of training camp injuries. But the near-total infestation raises a fair question: Can the Bears get it together before they open the regular season against the Detroit Lions in 13 days?

Hahahahahafuck no. FUCK YOU, Chicago Bears, and you’re trillion dollar sulk faced investment. Nothing makes me happier than hearing that your defense is lying down faster than the Royals during a baseball season, and your quarterback is scared of launching an interception almost as much as he is scared of smiling.

Also, feel free to get foreskin chaffing, Julius Peppers and Chester Taylor. Going to Chicago seemed like a super great idea this offseason when the team wasn’t playing any football games. Unfortunately, that is the nature of sport, and it will only be a matter of time before Chicagoans start looking forward to Bulls season again.

If only we had basketball in our state …