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Hahaha, Tarvaris Jackson.

Remember TarVar Jackson? Of course you don’t … err, DO! Of course you do. How could you forget such amazing plays such as this one:


Ha ha, that music fits so perfectly. It almost makes me as happy as this picture of Kate Upton does. That play may be forever grained in my memory though, like the Arizona game, or the Moss lateral. Either way, someone decided they remembered this draft pick bastard child and stuck a microphone in his face to ask him some HARD HITTING questions. Well, this is what they were awarded with:

Jackson knows all about hearing dissatisfaction from the locals, having been booed on several occasions in the Metrodome.

“Since Day 1, I don’t really think I was really welcome here anyways, because nobody really knew who I was, being from a smaller school,” Jackson said when asked to reflect on his relationship with the fans. “A lot more things probably play into it, too. It’s just the way things are. I can’t help that.”

Asked to elaborate, Jackson said: “Just the way things happened, like the way I was thrown into there, the way where it was me or Brett [Favre] or all this stuff. Just a lot of different things played into it that kind of soured our relationship. Fans are going to be fans.”

*Sips from glass of water, neatly folds napkin into lap.* OK.


You sir, are a moron. Since Day one you weren’t welcome to the Vikings? Maybe you don’t remember fans clamoring for your ass to start for the Vikings during your rookie season when you CLEARLY weren’t ready coming from a small school, as was evident from your abortion of an outing in Green Bay during your rookie season where we lost something like 4-0, no thanks to you. Look at these stats:



You magnificent bastard. “Hey, PJD, 50 yards in Lambeau for your first rookie start completing 50% of your passes isn’t that bad!” Well, yes it is, but truth be told this could be mistaken for Jackson’s LAST start in purple as well, four years later, indicating he still sucks noob testicles. But what the hell do any of US know? We’re just fans being fans … could that be a new meme? Fan gonna fan? … and we apparently only like quarterbacks from schools like USC (rapers), Kansas State (meth heads), Auburn (Cam Newtons) and more. Alabama State? Psshaw! We would NEVER give a small school prospect a chance, not from a school like Idaho State (#69), San Diego State (Heath Farwell), North Dakota (The Sasser) and Morgan State (Shank). Fans only want to see big names! Also, I think there was a racism undertone there, but I could care less. We hate you because you suck, not because you’re black, dipshit.

The rest of the article (It’s a Star Trib article, where apparently they provide the numerical value for numbers in their quotes in newspaper articles instead of writing out the numbers under ten like adults) hits on how TarVar is working out with Fitzy Jr. in Minneapolis for Fitzy’s annual Camp Awesome (Ed. Note – That SHOULD be the name) so that when his roll with free agency comes he can be ready to compete for a starting joHAHAHAHAHA I ALMOST FINISHED THAT WITHOUT LAUGHING!! But really, he wants to start somewhere. So … good luck? …