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Happy Vikings Thanksgiving from Purple Jesus Diaries 2013!

You know what? Last year, when we wished people a Happy Thanksgiving, there was A LOT of things to be thankful for. Purple Jesus was breaking records, Percy Harvin was on the team still, Antoine Winfield and Chris Kluwe were both around, we were getting new uniforms that didn't have shitty number serifs yet … The future was so bright.

And then 2013 happened.

Listen, there is MUCH less to be thankful for this season, but for like, a single day, we're going to try to be positive and list things about the Vikings that make us happy. Because, why not? There's enough negativity going around, it's Thanksgiving, there's football games on, either the Packers or Lions are going to lose – both of which would make us happy – and of course you're going to be eating so much food you'll have to poop at least three times today. That's how you know it's a good day.

So what is there to be thankful for as a Vikings fan?

– Adrian Peterson

And have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Enjoy the rest of your long weekend, your consumerism zombie state tomorrow as you shop for useless crap, and the tears that will flow as you watch the Bears and Vikings slap each other on Sunday. Should be a blast! But don't think about that today. Enjoy your turkey, your gravy, your sweet potatoes (MMMmm), green bean casseroles, relishes, desserts, and copious amounts of alcohol to make you forget this NFL year every happened. THAT'S how you celebrate Thanksgiving, Vikings fans!

On a serious note, thanks again to everyone who stops by and checks posts out daily, or weekly, or even randomly. We appreciate it, and it helps us keep writing posts every day. If you do one thing for us this holiday season, share PJD with someone you know who hasn't read it. Help us spread the word, watch them recoil at the Shirtless Vikings, and let's all share our Vikings misery. I appreciate it.

*Cries a trail of tears*