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Haters Gonna Hate

After this weekends announcement that Purple Jesus’ teammate, Cedric Griffin, received a contract extension, there was a surprisingly backlash by many local fans who were upset with extension of the young cornerback. Purple Jesus contacted Griffin and shared a short interview with him concerning his new contract status and the fan response:


“It’s bullshit man, bullshit. I bleed out there for the fans, I put my heart out there every game. Do I play my best every game? No. Sometimes I get owned like a money grubbin’ bitch, but I make up for it. You can see the fire in my eyes, man. There are some games where I go back and watch after a tough matchup, and if I give up a touchdown, or a catch or whatever, they show a close up of my eyes and they are just on fire, man. I mean, I get goose pimples because of how strange and intense I look. It’s not even the same man I see in the mirror. And people wanna say I didn’t deserve this contract? Bullshit. But you know what?

Haters gonna hate, man

hatersListen, there’s always gonna be some punk ass fool out there that thinks they can do their job better than you. NFL players got some bitch ass arm chair players sitting at home on their fat ass, eating Cheese Doodles, Stephen A. Smith style, and I’m out there bustin’ my ass to make sure they don’t beat their wife later that night. That shit’s crazy, man. In Texas, where I’m from, we never beat our bitches like that, over something we had no control over. Nah, we wanna punish them, we put it in their ass, man. But up here, in this place? These fools get flat ass drunk and start hittin’ women, over a football game. A game they didn’t even play in. Fucked up, right? Shit, and they still wanna hate on me for getting paid?

Some people think it’s all fun and games out there. It’s not. When I get burned by a wide receiver, I get pissed off. I feel emasculated, man. I gotta start throwing shit on the side lines so people know that I’m still a man, let them know that my testosterone is flowing. I’m not having that shit. I’ll line back up across him and talk some shit about fuckin’ his girlfriend on his Grandmammas grave, man. Oooooo! That pisses them straight off. My coaches keep trying to teach me technique, rotating hips, back peddling, shit like that, but when I get fired up and puff my chest out, it don’t matter what any coach speak is. I let those words start flying. I keep bustin’ my ass, man, and people still think I ain’t trying out there?

Tell you what I’m gunn’ do. Next time I see some punk ass fan thinkin’ I don’t deserve my money, I ain’t even gonna touch his ass. Nah, I’m gonna completely forget ’em, turn my back, puff out my chest and think, “Hata’s gonna hate, playa’s gonna play” and I’m gonna walk on by. Fuck them. I got my money. I’m gonna go buy all the Cheese Doodles up so them fat bastards got to have a salad during the games. Fuckin’ haters.”