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Here, View the Greatest Video in the World

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If you haven’t seen this video explode all over the internet in the past several days like me exploding on the small of your mom’s back last night, then congrats, you’re ahead of the curve. But what this is, my dear, dear friends, is the greatest god damn video you may ever see. Why? Let’s lay it out for you:

– It has Gary Busey in it. GARY BUSEY.

– More so, Busey has the nickname Norman Tugwater, which, I’m not sure, but could easily be his real name anyway.

– Adrian Peterson is in it, which makes this Vikings related.

– There is a hot chick that looks like her blouse is a bit to tight on her water balloons, and that’s never made me upset before.

– You know Purple Jesus smooshed her.

– Peterson looks surprisingly handsome in his light blue polo.

– Tugwater and Peterson raid a fantasy draft party and them rob those fuckers like they’ve done it before. Especially Adrian. That wasn’t the first time he’s run from the cops. Or stole a moose head.

– Shaq is in it. And while Shaq is a dick head, he’s got a decent little line here.

– Peterson also looks like he goes Spider-Man sex move on someone near the end.

– It’s also an ad for VitaminWater, which I absolutely LOVE, but also admit that they make some damn good sports-related ads. Kudos.

So check it out and giggle to yourself at your cubicle. It’s well worth it.