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Here’s a Little Guy on Guy Action Minnesota Vikings Style

I’m still so damn pissed off from all those idiots who were quick to throw someone off the bus for talking about slavery yesterday that I am going to provide you with something light hearted and enjoyable today. Namely, Purple Jesus interviewing Purple Jesus for something called PowerBalance. If this is their advertising, it didn’t work because I haven’t bothered to find out what PowerBalance actually is in the two days I’ve had this video. However, the video itself is enjoyable:


My opinion? Interviewing Purple Jesus sounds like he’d be way more fun to hang out with. He’d poke fun at you for getting someone fired from a bathroom, say “JESUS!” when you squeeze his hand too hard, and make nonchalant comments about slavery without getting a sandy butthole. I like that guy.

Watch the blooper video and more after the jump:


I also like this one too. The ending face is priceless from White Suite Jesus:


He’s also just being modest in this one:


Greatest player ever? I say yes.