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Hey Cool! Another Vikings Fan Song!

WELL. Do I have some AWESOME news for you today! We have, legitimately, THE greatest Minnesota Vikings theme song you may EVER hear. And honestly, if this song isn't blared over the loud speakers from day one of the new stadium, then the whole thing has been for naught.

Because – THIS SONG! – is probably the greatest thing ever, don't you think? I mean, it is easy to play during the down times, during the great times, during RIVALRY week with the Packers, when you just want to stick it to Packer fans by playing them our COOLEST song ever. I mean, life just doesn't get better!

Do I have you intrigued? I bet. Click through for the greatest song EVER.

So, eat shit Prince. Your purple and gold atrocity is just the worst compared to this stadium anthem.

I mean, how PUMPED are you after listening to those vocal chords of golden geese? Are you ready to blast through a defensive line? Punch a Packer fan in the mouth? Crash a car off of a high bridge to stop this music? What? Never mind.

We got an email highlighting this Purple Jam yesterday, and thought that it was just TOO GOOD to share. Amazing, in fact. It was mentioned that this Vikings song was in direct response to a Packer fans' song, which is below. Now, before you jump into that Packers song, realize that the Packers song sucks. A lot. It's a cover of "Party Rock Anthem" and it's stupid, and Midwestern, and ugly, both visually and audially. However … Is it even a contest which song you'd like to listen to twice? Didn't think so.

At least that was trashy. Also, white girls can't dance. This is why fans are so stupid sometimes. Honest to god.