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I have zero idea why I am compelled to ask you to do this, but it likely has to do with my wish to troll the F*CK out of local bloggers, and I thought maybe you would also enjoy doing that too. Also, it might be funny to see a blog voting system that has “Purple Jesus Diaries …. 4 votes” on it.

Anyway, for some reason CBS Minnesota is putting a call out to have people vote for their favorite Minnesota blogs in a variety of categories. Those include items like Dinner/Entertainment, Local Affairs, Lifestyle/Family, Sports and much more. I think PJD can REALLY pull some votes for the homosexual lifestyle and family category if you guys help me get the word out. So head over to their page and put us in as a nomination today. Once voting actually opens on August 16, assuming, obviously, that we’ll be a voting choice, you can vote every day, once a day, until September 9, so that should get us up to, like, 19 votes if I spam the shit out of it myself. Also, if PJD wins, we get a $50 Amazon gift card which I will use on ALL OF YOU who leave a comment saying you voted. Maybe we’ll get football cards or used books of your choosing, or something.

But in case you need further convincing, I offered a collection of reasons why this blog is the single greatest blog in all of Minnesota after the jump:

  • This blog is horrible, which ironically makes it awesome, and hipsters love that type of stupid shit.
  • We’ve had more public lawsuits than any other Minnesota blog that I am aware of, which isn’t much.
  • PJD runs the most elite fantasy football league in Minnesota.
  • We’re the only blog that parades around as a heterosexual sporting blog which has none-too-subtle homosexual undertones with pictures of shirtless men, making this the most welcoming blog to people from all backgrounds and preferences.
  • I’ll give handies under the table if we win, I swear to god.
  • We talk about scotch, football, boobs, hating things and the internet. What’s not to love?
  • I won’t sell out to ESPN1500, unless they give me salary, then I’ll write whatever the f*ck they want me to write.

So there you have it. If anything, vote for fun because you are bored as hell today, and to piss off those other stupider, non-dick joking Vikings blogs out there. WHY SO SERIUS THO? Purple Jesus would approve.