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Hey, Let’s Try a Mail Dump Again

Ben Leber would like to have a word with you … (Also note: Ben Leber, when said fast, sounds like Benlieber, which reminds me of Justin Bieber, which makes me laugh when I think of Ben Leber as Justin Bieber. Whatever.)

There was a time, long ago when this blog was on something called a “WordPress”, that Purple Jesus Diaries would participate in our version of a question and answer session affectionately called a “Mail Dump.” We would accept questions, comments, or shares of ANYTHING (And I swear to God I mean anything) through Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, smoke signals, blow job pantomimes … fucking everything. But then people got bored, I got bored, and the team got boring by winning. Or something.

Anyway, with a primetime game coming up on Monday night against the Bears, outside, for the last “home” game of the season, with the 50th anniversary team around town, and a need to fill space on a Friday, I figured it’d be a good time to put some feisty finger feelers out there (see what I did there?) and ask for submissions for a Mail Dump on Friday. Anything is game, and I will answer all your questions with the same care and dedication I show my testicles in the shower. So get cracking.

Again, Twitter PJD questions here, Facebook us questions here, or shoot us an e-mail for fun, like it’s 2001 all over again. Thanks for helping making this interactive and fun! And if you don’t, FUCKING DIE. No, not really, but stub your toe.