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Hitler the Vikings Fan is Kind of Every Vikings Fan

OK, now just hear me out. 

I'm not talking the ACTUAL Hitler. I mean, that guys dead (OR IS HE?! CONSPIRACY!), and probably had little time to try and track the budding new sporting event called American football while he was busy tank-screwing countries and burning people alive. Although everyone needs a pastime, and you know, the Vikings' mascot is kind of Superman in appearance, and …

No, no … I'm not talking about the real Hitler here. I'm talking about the Hitler from that movie where he yells at stuff and people add their own funny sub-titles. Haha, see?! History can be fun! In this case, it was thrown together by a bro over on Reddit, probably as a way to laugh-cry through the 2013 Vikings season. In that case, I totally get it. 

Anyway, video after the jump.

I don't know if this is THE most accurate depiction of how a Vikings fan should be responding right now or the ONLY depiction of how a Vikings fan should be responding right now, but it hits a pretty deep chord. The talk about knowing we shouldn't care after the Dallas game, to acknowledging that – yes, Ponder sucks, but he's also looked half-way competent after the last couple of games, to Percy Harvin making me moist when he runs, to ridiculing the play calling, to sucking, hurting, or going to Seattle, it's just a potpourri of truth that can only be delivered by the fuhrer. I also just like the idea of Adolf Hitler wearing a Troy Williamson jersey. No wonder that dude went nuts and tried killing everything.

If it's any consolation, the season will be over soon and we can get back to watching the Timberwolves disappoint after getting your expectations up. And the Wild too, if you're into the most boring sport in the state. How does that sound?