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Hussain Abdullah Not a Terrorist, Just Hungry

This Wednesday, August 11, 2010, marks the beginning of Ramadan for those of the Muslim faith. It is a spiritual journey where those who partake in the event fast from food and liquid from sun up to sun down. It is a spiritual cleansing process, where those of the Muslim faith ask for their forgiveness for sins and get in touch with their faith. For Minnesota Vikings backup safety, Husain Abdullah, however, it has become a time of explaining as well. “I do not blame them, of course” Abdullah said in between a spirited practice session Wednesday morning, the beginning of his Ramadan fast. “But quite frequently over the past several years while at Vikings training camp I have had to explain to several of these Caucasian midwestern players that yes, I am fasting because I am Muslim, and no, I am not a terrorist that will blow up the Metrodome. Although, if these players refuse to expand their knowledge about world religions and respect other cultures, I will gladly blow their face up on some kick off coverage” While it is an unfortunate sentiment that occasionally runs through American consciousness, anti-Middle Eastern thoughts and behaviors do find their way onto the football field. With war still ongoing in Afghanistan and Osama Bin Laden still running from authorities, the Middle East has become quite the focus for many Americans. Some players, like Vikings defensive end Jaen, saw some of the war efforts first hand.  “Shit, man, I went over to Afghan and it was WILD” he said, while sharpening his scalping blade between practices. “I mean, I know not all Muslims are bad, and not all bad people are Muslims, but did you ever think about how crazy it would be if one of them infiltrated the NFL after being born in the desert and then tried to take things over from the inside? IT’S A CONSPIRACY.” Abdullah, who was already looking famished for the day, overheard and his theory. “I was born in California, you jack ass! I played football in Washington State! Damn, you white boys are idiots!” And although players like Chad Greenway, who went to Iowa, did his best to take classes that expanded his cultural knowledge, he freely admits as well that his understanding of Muslim faith and the fasting Abdullah was participating in leaves him curious. “I mean, I guess I understand it and everything, I went to college too, you know. But my understanding of Ramadan is that you fast from food, liquid, and sexual activity, but Husain hasn’t said anything about that, and when I asked him to clarify, just because I was curious about the details, he told me to go worry about my false idols and leave him the hell alone. That was when I stopped by his dorm room out here though, in Mankato. He was by himself and there were some grunting noises, so I assume he’s pretty frustrated with the whole thing.” Frustrated or not, Abdullah remains excited each year to fast and participate in his religious experience. “Really, I cannot wait for it, every year. I really enjoy it. I even tried to get some others to participate this year, but no luck as of yet. Even the mighty Pat Williams turned me down.” When asked, Pat said, “Whut, cut up food, booze, and sex? Is you as high as Percy? No way. Slap mah fro! August be when ah’ eat as much as ah’ can. ‘S coo’, bro. ah’ guess it’s de Reverse Ramadan. ‘S coo’, bro. Fastin’. Get out uh here wid dat shit. Man!”