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Incredible Video of the Pontiac Silverdome in Its Heyday

From 1975 to 2001, the great Pontiac Silverdome sat like a Greek temple in the hot bed of Michigan activity in Pontiac, Michigan. You know, your family’s favorite vacation destination to murder each other! The Silverdome drew visitors and sightseers from around the world, as people as far away as Nepal would travel with goats half their life just to lay their eyes upon this modern marvel, this achievement of man, this SILVERDOME!

Of course, then people realized the Detroit Lions played NFL football games inside of the stadium, and they recoiled in horror. “Why let such artistry be defaced?!” they would say, while attempting to block their eyes from the prancing seen on the field. “Won’t someone think of the Silverdome?!”

Well, no one ever did. And since 2001, the bastion of society has sat empty and desolate, a mocking reminder of the once great urban and suburban area of Detroit, Michigan. In 2001, the Lions somehow were allowed to not dig their own graves and die, but instead transferred their permanent residence to a place called Ford Field, where – in less than ten years, no less – they recorded modern NFL history by securing an 0-16 regular season record. WAY TO GO DETROIT! Not even the economy can bury your dreams!

Unfortunately, the same could not be said for the Silverdome. It had big dreams of doing amazing things, like hosting a Jonas Brothers concert, and weekend antique fairs, maybe even a reunion tour of Creed in later years. But now, it just sits abandoned, forgotten, a decaying pillar of a once great society.

So today, I argue let us put away our differences with Detroit. Let us forget how much we dislike the Lions and the state of Michigan during the NFL season. And as we remember our own fallen Stadium Champion, let’s extend an olive branch and give a hat tip to the old Silverdome. And let’s do so by watching this classic video of the Silverdome in it’s heyday, filled to the brim with loyal, numerous, Detroit Lions fans, all cheering the loudest they can for their favorite team in the NFL North:


Classic Lions zingers.