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Is Christian Ponder a Hobo Now?

No no, I said HOBO. Christian Ponder looks like he's a hobo now, for some reason.

The above picture (from the video, seen below) comes courtesy of Samantha Ponder filming Christian Ponder washing his hair in a CVS parking lot. I don't particularly know why. Samantha posted the video to her Instagram account where she mentioned that her and her less-famous husband were flying all day, and were for some reason late to a wedding, which led to Christian doing what any good bro would do, and washing his hair as best he can with limited resources.

Honestly, I'm surprised when he was pouring the water into his hands that he was able to get it up to his head and didn't throw it 15 yards over his back.

Amazingly, Christian Ponder is still on the Minnesota Vikings roster. It seems like he was cut or traded months ago, but that hasn't been the case. He was effectively benched for Matt Cassel after the season was already lost, and it seems that fans then went ahead and completely forgot about him. For good reason, I mean, as he didn't play very well in 2013.

But now, we have a new coaching staff coming in, a staff where some have worked with semi-talented Andy Dalton and turned him into a playoff quarterback. Is that something they can do with Ponder in one off season? Can Christian turn things around and still be the quarterback the Vikings need? Can he stop worrying about his future and investments because he may not receive another pay check so he can go out and buy some real shampoo and maybe a house with a shower? Why must a former quarterback live like a homeless bum? THANKS OBAMA. Damn economy.

We use to call those Hobo Showers back in the kitchen. We didn't use shampoo, though. Nor hand soap. Because hand soap is for hands, duh. Christian here at least went for purified water, so that's pretty fancy. I do like the term "Road Trippin' My Hair", even though it does sound fairly Arizona State-ish. Or Florida State-ish, while we're here. And it IS provocative. The greatest Shirtless Viking ever getting all wet? Yeah, that's provocative.