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Is John McCain the Greatest American Hero?

Since the Minnesota Vikings have the greatest fans in the world, sell out every single game during every single season (something like that, I'm pretty sure that's true), and are generally better than everyone else, we Vikings fans don't really understand what these things called "blackouts" are when it comes to football. I mean, when we're talking about getting black out drunk because a hockey team won, well, that's a totally different story. But "blackouts" and "football"? I don't understand what you're talking about.

Well, academic know-it-all, Dr. Wikipedia, tells us that a blackout "refers to the non-airing of television or radio programming in a certain media market" which is some total BS, if you ask me. We pay half of your $1 Billion stadium and then if you can't sell enough tickets to your crappy team you're going to prevent people from casually washing it on TV? DUUUMMBBB!

Anyway, Senator John McCain apparently thinks this is dumb too, wants to end NFL blackouts, and may just have become the greatest American hero EVER.

McCain, the old crippled man that was almost President, but really isn't an awful dude when we're talking about hookers who can see Russia from their front porch, actually introduced legislature to overturn this stupid crap back in 2008. But because the American government is no longer the great ideal it once was and is slower than Bryant McKinnie on a clocked mile, McCain is just getting around to testifying on this bill now.

From a recent comment, John McCain knows what's up:

"I think that's outrageous," McCain testified May 14 during a Senate subcommittee hearing. "Now, if that stadium is not taxpayer-financed, then that owner can do anything they want to. But if the taxpayers paid for them then, by God, I think the taxpayers ought to be able to see the game whether they sell out the stadium or not."

Hell yes, McCain. I will never understand why this wasn't your entire platform when running for President against Barack Obama. You would have won in a God damn landslide, no question.

Regardless, he's right. The NFL Blackout rule is stupid. From the owner's perspective, I get it, I guess. You want people to come to your stadium, pay stupid amounts of money on tickets and food while they watch a yawn fest, and then they take home the bank. I get it. It's a business. But like I said before and like Mr. John said here, don't ask us to pay a ridiculous sum of money for your business to operate in. If you do ask us to, then shut your fat lips when I sit at home and watch that asshole Joe Buck call Randy Moss a despicable person. THAT'S MY CHOICE and I hate every moment of it, but it's still mine.

Anyway, yes, if this passes, McCain is probably the greatest American ever. Did you ever see Abraham Lincoln stand up for football? Of course not. Case closed.