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[UPDATE] Is Josh Freeman a Viking Yet? Yes!

Is Josh Freeman a Viking yet? [UPDATE: Yes, he is! Oh well. Read this anyway.]

That's what we're all wondering throughout the bye weekend and this Monday morning, as the former Tampa Bay Buccaneer franchise quarterback was cut by that guido-leading coach from Rutgers because the coach is a total bag of butt rocks.

Josh Freeman has been playing with the Buccaneers long enough that he's played several times against the Vikings where he's led his team to punching the Vikings in the groin. You may remember October 25, 2012 on a Thursday night where Freeman and Doug Martin embarrassed the Vikings in front of a national audience, and September 18, 2011, where it was more of the same. So, naturally, since Vikings fans have watched him play twice and he smacked us around both times, he MUST be the upgrade we need right now, right?


I don't know. It probably doesn't even matter. Listen, we all know how crappy the Vikings quarterback situation is this year, and forever time. Christian Ponder is likely on his way out the door because he is a disaster, and Matt Cassel isn't the answer. So the natural response may be "Why not try out Freeman?!"

It's not an inappropriate question, but the answer is "because Freeman is eh." Now, it's going to be difficult to aptly compare Freeman to Ponder for Vikings fans, because different systems and players and franchises and whatever else. OK, fine. But let's look at some of these numbers as a starting point:

Josh Freeman Career Stats

Games Started Completion % TDs INTs Yards per Att. QB Rate
59 58.2% 80 66 6.9 78.8%

Christian Ponder Career Stats

Games Started Completion % TDs INTs Yards per Att. QB Rate
29 59.2% 33 30 6.3 75.8%

SOOOOOO … THEY'RE BASICALLY THE SAME PERSON except Freeman has more years under his belt. Averages are all the same. So you're telling me that this is what you want the Vikings to "upgrade" to? Come, now.

Listen, if the argument people are making here is that Ponder sucks and he's going to be cut at the end of the year, and that we should probably try out another option while we can, alright, I get that. But if you're thinking "HEY, there is a GREAT quarterback out there that will get this team to the next level!" then please go box yourself. Because it's not happening with Freeman. Greg Schiano may be a total hose bag, but he's not going to cut a quarterback that is a true franchise QB. Not even Leslie Frazier is that dumb.

Point being … Whatever. The answer for the Vikings at quarterback is not on the team, nor is it in the free agent market right now. We are going to need to draft our franchise QB in this upcoming draft (#Tank4Teddy!), and that's pretty much your only hope. Just accept this and we'll all be better off.