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“It’s that strawberry jaaaammm”

This link has been floating around for a couple of days now, but it’s a video of Adrian Peterson giving a tour of his “crib” as the kids call it, to CMT, which … is that Country Music Television? … Wat? Anyway, you learn some cool things like how he enjoys watching TV in every room of his house, his barber is also his preacher, he actually enjoys being a Viking enough to paint his entertainment room purple, and that HE FUCKING LOVES STRAWBERRY JAM!!. I want to try some of that shit. It must be bonkers.

Anyway, go check the video at the link. I’d post it here, but my WordPress is a re-tard and unless it’s a YouTube video it decides to anal bead me with other video formats. Or I’m just stupid. Either way, follow the link and he’s the first segment.

Special thanks to reader Scott who finally compelled us to watch this, and who loves AD’s dance at the end.