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Jarius Wright Gets Interviewed, Kind Of

Ahhh, there’s nothing quite like seeing a freshly clothed rookie for your favorite football team. You get to envision what this individual will look like running around on the field for your team in the coming years, making big plays, touchdowns, and MEMORIES. It’s like watching your child being born before they tell you to screw off and take all that money your own mother left them and move cities to find a better run “family” organization where they become rich and win many Super Bowls. Did I capture free agency well enough for you?

Either way, for people wanting to know more about new Minnesota Vikings receiver Jarius Wright, and other NFL rookies in general, SBNation put together a rookie-interviewing-rookie video for your viewing pleasure, which I have included after the jump:


I’m not exactly sure why they couldn’t have given Jarius Wright his official number yet, as it seems most everyone else had already settled on one by this filming sessions, which admittedly was already a few weekishes ago or so. Since this, Wright has alerted people via Twitter that he’ll be wearing #17 this upcoming season for the Vikings, which must mean that he’s not going to be cut after training camp. So, get your Greg Lewis jerseys back out, apply some duct tape, and cheer on your new favorite Vikings receiver! …. Or not. Whichever.

Other notes that I thought the rookie connoisseur may appreciate:

  • Pretty sure Robert Griffin III is actually just Andre 3000 with braids. What a career move!
  • That Brock Osweiler guy sure is tall. Can he play receiver for us? Like a tall Eric Decker?
  • Alshon Jefferies can go to hell. Chris Cook is going to BEAT THE SHIT out of him this year. See what I did there?
  • I thought Dan Rubenstein was a “funny” name someone from KFAN adopted to play off of the Rube title. I guess I was wrong. Poor guy.

But, yeah. That’s …. About it. Wright didn’t get the full camera treatment, exactly, but what do you expect from a guy that is essentially a Percy Harvin fail safe? While he certainly showed flashes of playmaking and reliable hands at Arkansas, you have to wonder about prototypical receiver needs with the Vikings and if Wright is going to help solve those issues. He may surprise people occasionally like when Kristen Stewart shows up to a red carpet event looking oddly attractive, or he may flop and never be seen from again. NO IN BETWEEN.

And this isn’t even to say that he was a poor choice, per se, or that he won’t make you go “Devin AromashaWHO?!” eventually, but his selection during the draft seemed more like a luxury than a need, which is something that Vikings can’t afford to do. It’ll be interesting to see what kind of impact he eventually makes, even if it’s just to look cool wearing a hat on the sidelines. Hey, that’s more than Derrick Alexander can say he ever did.