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Jerome Simpson May Be Serviceable

When the Minnesota Vikings signed Jerome Simpson before the 2012 season, I wasn't alone when I thought, "Him? Does he like Mayon-eggs?" And then he was mostly hurt last year, dropped a lot of passes, and remained unspectacular (outside of his AMAZING hip thrust celebration). Then the Vikings signed him again this offseason and I laughed because I thought it was a joke, but then said nothing when I realized it was real. But then laughed again when I saw him dressed up like a cowboy. Good times, all around.

Anyway, if a recent video from NFL.com is any indication, maybe Simpson has healed up, straightened his mind, and might be a factor in the upcoming season.

First of all, you have to leave the site to go watch the video on the actual NFL.com site, because apparently the NFL still thinks it's a bad internet marketing idea to allow users to share your content across the web. Free advertising?! What crazy person would do that?!

Now that you've watched it, let's keep SEVERAL things in mind about it:

– The guy throwing the ball to Simpson is Matt Cassel. I originally thought "Who the hell is that guy?" and then I was reminded we signed Cassel's wife (and by extension, Matt himself) to the team, and remained nonplussed. But then I saw the ball soar through the air and said "HOLY SHIT! I HAVEN'T SEEN A PASS TRAVEL THAT FAR SINCE THE SILVER FOX SLUNG NUTS AROUND HERE!" because Ponder can't throw past 18 paces. So, I guess if Ponder goes down, maybe we'll be better off? Is this another Tarvaris/Frerotte situation? Excited.

– The defensive backfield bit on a Toby Gerhart play action. Think about that for a second, then drink a jug of bleach.

– Josh Robinson (#21) was the guy that was on coverage of Simpson. He's the guy that the GM and coaches were thinking/praying through their butt holes that would cover Antoine's shoes. Suffice it to say, that sure ain't going to work out for any of us.

– Harrison Smith was also late getting over for coverage help, and Jamarca Sanford was in the area NOT breaking femur's for a change. Both were faked out by – again – Toby Gerhart.

– Credit due to Simpson, that was a hell of a lay out for a catch. Alas, I'm PRREETTTTTTTYYYYYY sure the ball moved when it hit the ground so, sorry bro, you got the wind knocked out of you and no touchdown (if review was in place here). Good job, good effort.

Anyway. Maybe Simpson will do better this year with the pressure of being a top target off his shoulders, now that Greg Jennings holds that roll. Ask someone to do less for you so they don't disappoint you as greatly, that's my motto.