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Joey Harrington Still Alive, Jokes About Lions

I think we’ve made it pretty clear here on Purple Jesus Diaries that the Detroit Lions are probably the second coolest team in the NFL right now, and the only thing keeping them from the number one spot (despite them being horrible, football-wise) is a little someone named Purple Jesus. Based off the following quote from former Lions quarterback Joey Harrington, however, I would venture a guesstimate that he does not agree with me (did anyone else know he got hit by a car? I thought he was still quarterbacking in Atlanta or something):

“How did the hit from a car compare with an NFL hit?

“I was laying in the ER. I’m in the neck brace on the board and just saying ‘get me out of here,” Harrington said. “I kinda whispered to one of the trauma docs, ‘I played four years in Detroit. I can handle a car. Let’s get this thing moving.”

*drumroll* Video (possibly) after the jump, if I can stop fist fighting with html coding.

OK, getting hit by a car is not funny, but that quote definitely is. However, I’m not sure how I am supposed to take it. Does Joey Harrington hate Detroit? Does he think they sucked super bad because the offensive line was terrible and not him? Or is he acknowledging that the losses were the entire teams’ responsibility and he’s playing the self deprecating (not “self-defecating”) card and trying to look chummy? I’m not entirely sure, Joey, but if you can tell me another NFL quarterback named Joey who was successful, I’ll try to search the internet for more shirtless men pictures.

Stay the hell away from the Lions, Harrington, and ESPECIALLY stay the hell away from the Vikings. Our offensive line most definitely could not prevent your destiny meeting with a permanent wheel chair.