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John Randle is Electrifying!

You may have seen that earlier this week that the Vikings have started a one of a kind whack off game … wait, sorry, SCRATCH off game, with the Minnesota State Lottery. Players will be able to blindly throw their money towards these scratch games in hopes of winning season tickets, $200,000 dollars as a top price, and probably a punch in the face for wasting their money on something this retarded in the worst economic crisis since the canceling of M.A.S.H. So I assume.

To advertise this, I guess the Vikings and the State Lottery wanted to appeal to men the best they could, so they put (mildly) attractive women in a commercial with beefy John Randle and a loud car. RAWR TESTOSTERONE!! In my humble opinion though, it would have been WAY cooler if they would have gotten Carl Eller to drive around in an awesome car filled with dead hookers while play the scratch game, drinking scotch, and wearing a half burnt football jersey. I should be a marketer.