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KARE 11 Gets Frisky During Vikings Game Coverage

We all knew the return of Minnesota Vikings football on Friday was certainly going to be rousing for fans, but none of us knew it'd be THIS exciting. 

Local news station KARE 11 apparently had a mission to titillate fans with their Vikings coverage on Friday night. It was the Vikings first preseason game of the 2013 season, and understandably, people were at full attention. Tons of heads would be turning towards their TV, and naturally, KARE 11 wanted to the lust of millions of fans to fall to them with their coverage. 

So what do you do? Why, you make the most engaging headline you can think of, that's what. 

The screen cap of a KARE 11 segment comes courtesy of Twitterer @jdkern3, who understandably was surprised by the message which appeared on his screen that evening, saying "Do You Want Some Dome?"

Now, of course, KARE 11 MUST have been referencing several points or play on words here. Perhaps they were putting a Metrodome spin on the phrase, "Do you want some more?", asking fans if they actually wanted more football. Hey, they should ask those questions before they just start pumping Vikings coverage down their TV audiences' throat, you know? Or, maybe they were covering just whether or not Vikings fans wanted any more of the Metrodome, if this first game during the last season at the engorged structure is as exciting as when the stadium will eventually lose its internal pressure and shrink. Who knows? But I'm sure they had good intentions in this headline. 

Regardless, in retrospect, I'm sure KARE 11 realizes their boner in how information was presented, and will refrain from a mistake like this in the future. Or not. Maybe ratings were so good, they'll decide to continue their audience fellatio for even more increased ratings. So to speak.