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Leslie Frazier Goes All Jackson 5 on Pat Williams

‘Twas nary a month ago it feels when Pat Williams said something like “Fuck ya’ honky honkeys, I’m out uh here and haidin’ t’a betta’ ball team, hear me?” This was largely because he felt slighted by some stupid asshole (probably Bertrand n) and just couldn’t see himself on the team anymore. I felt saddened. I like Fat Pat. He’s incoherent, a big dumb animal, and used to play really well. I guess I don’t know if he still does, but new Coach Leslie Frazier still likes him enough to have had these kind words to say about Patrick this week at the owners meetings:

“We had a good talk,” Frazier said. “I think we’re on the same page with some things. Love Pat. Been great for me. Especially when I was in the [defensive] coordinator role. Been great for our locker room. You guys know Pat as well as I do. Love Pat.”

Fuck yeah. I love Pat too. Kind of even homosexually, I don’t care, I’ll say it.

Two things jump out to me here, first being, I didn’t even know that coaches could TALK about players and shit during a lockout. Doesn’t that piss the owners off somehow? Are the coaches locked out in all of this as well? No one seemed to plan this very well, because I largely don’t give a shit. And if I’m not giving a shit, isn’t that a failure on some marketing team somewhere? Are they selling “2011 LOCKOUT!” t-shirts somewhere? This is a fucking cash cow, you need to titty fuck those money udders dry right now.

Second, this pretty much epitomizes my new “ANYONE BUT BRAD” slogan. Remember when Childress first worked with Pat when he got here? He didn’t say shit about him, he just said he was too fat to play and put him on the PUP list. What a fucking moron. Frazier? He speaks in broken sentences like I WOULD! “Love Pat.” Hell yeah, me too. Love Pat lots. Not long time. I cum fast. Or whatever, you know? Shit like that.

Regardless, I wouldn’t mind Pat coming back in a reduced role still. The other quote out of that story though is pretty telling too, not just about Pat’s feelings and Frazier’s squishy insides, but about the team’s direction in general:

“We’ll have to see where things go,” Frazier said. “He has some things he wants to achieve. We have some ideas about the direction we want to go as well. He knows what those directions are, and we’ll have to see how it all plays out.”

Translated: We are fucking rebuilding Timberwolves style. Pat wants a ring and well, that ain’t happening, ladies. Not that this is news, or anything though.

And for reference sake and multimedia, this one goes out to Fat Pat: