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Lessons in Butt Hurt: Packer Fans Edition

After the Vikings got absolutely dismantled by the Bears on Monday night, a cleary concussed and disoriented Brett Favre went up to another great competitor in Julius Peppers and the following transaction allegedly transpired:

“I was happy Brett suited up,” Peppers said. “I figured it might be the last time I got to see him across the field from me on the opposing sideline. Yeah, I talked to him after the game. I told him it was an honor to play against him. He said, ‘Likewise. … Go beat the Packers in a couple of weeks.'”

“Go beat the Packers in a couple of weeks.” A pretty innocuous statement. He may as well have said “Have a good holiday weekend” or “Good luck in the playoffs” or even “Cold night we’re having here, huh?” Whatever. He said “Go beat the Packers in a couple of weeks” and apparently Packer fans are at their wits ends about this.

Do we need further proof that Packer fans are blubbering retards? Because we’re about to get it from this Star Tribune article that holds the story:

“Favre retired after the 2007 season with Green Bay but then decided he had made a mistake. The Packers, however, had made a move to go with Aaron Rodgers as their quarterback and a bitter Favre was traded to the New York Jets despite the fact he really wanted to be allowed to join the Vikings. Favre retired after one season with the Jets but came out of retirement again to join the Packers’ arch-rival in 2009.

Packers fans considered that to be the ultimate slap in the face but many probably felt they had gotten their proper revenge this season when Green Bay swept the Vikings in the season series, including a 31-3 victory on Nov. 21 that resulted in Brad Childress being fired as coach the next day.

Now the wound has been reopened for some with the appearance that Favre wants to see the Packers lose in Week 17 when they play the Bears.”

Holy Christ, you pussies, get over it. What is this, appearance that Favre wants the Packers to lose? First of all, why is this news? Your stupid team traded him away anyway, and while most of you didn’t agree with it, you know he disliked the organization for how they treated him during that fiasco. This isn’t a damn surprise.

Second of all, who cares? The guy is literally dying in front of our eyes. Having Brett say this, even if he DID say this, is like listening to an old man on his death bed blame the Jews for global warming. Again. “Sure, OK grandpa.” Old people say the craziest shit, and now we all know that Packer fans react to the crazeist shit, too.

Pussies. I hope you all have a terrible Christmas.