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Let’s Watch Vikings vs. Packers, 1998

Remember October 5, 1998? It was a Monday night, week five of the NFL. Al Michaels was headlining Monday Night Football, and just a couple of cool NFC North bros were facing each other under the bright lights. The story was OF COURSE all about that glory hog Brett Favre, and how his Green Bay Packers were coming off of a tough loss to the Broncos in the Super Bowl. 1998 was going to be the year for them though! Favre and the Packers were an early NFC favorite to get back to the playoffs and compete, and everyone wanted to touch Brett Favre's golden arm.

The Vikings, on the other hand? Well, those delinquents just had an off season of turmoil, as the late Tom Clancy had tried to purchase the team, but was unable to do so, leaving it up to oily-fingered Texan Red McCombs to come in and claim the purple as his own. Dennis Green was given a contract extension as head coach through 2001, and the team was off to a surprising 4-0 start.

So what would happen Monday night? A 37-24 ass whopping would happen, that's what.

Here is the game in it's entirety, commercials from 1998 and all. The 90's were weird, man. Here are some notes:

– Keep in mind, 1998 was the year we choose not to speak much of. But during the regular season, shit was awesome.

– 1998 was also Randy Moss' rookie year. The Freak was heading into his fifth career game, and up until this point he had been interesting, but not spectacular, necessarily. His debut game was great (4 catches, 95 yards, 2 touchdowns), but he failed to break that 100 yard marker in those first four games. UNTIL MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL!

– The Packers were in the middle of their "Lambeau Mystique" phase at this point. As Michaels points out early in the broadcast, the Packers hadn't lost a game in Lambeau since September 3rd, 1995, a full three years worth of football. That amounted to winning 25 regular season, and four post season games at home. Until we pooped on their heads.

– Randall Cunningham was awesome this night. 20 for 32, 442 yards, and 4 touchdowns. Christian Ponder doesn't hit those kind of numbers in half a season, let alone one game.

– Brett Favre threw some awesome Favr-erceptions this night, three total. One went to Orlando Thomas, while Robert Griffith (who still looks like he could play, by the way) picked off the other two.

– It's amazing Sprint hasn't gone under, considering their shit deals and advertising in the late 90's.

– I love those f*cking uniforms. So classic.

– I also love Dennis Green. It's like he doesn't have any idea that he's in the NFL, ever. "Oh, stopping their run? I don't know whatever, we'll do it. I'll just tell them to tackle, I guess, right? Sure, that'll work."

– Our starting cornerbacks were WHO? Who are these guys?! Think of what Denny Green could have done with the 2013 Minnesota Vikings.

Anyway, enjoy the game. It is fun remembering when the Vikings were good.