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List of NFL’s Sexiest Players Wildly Innacurate

There is a totally disgusting and sexist list that is out on the internet right now that lists the Top 25 Sexiest NFL Players. It features a bunch of football players being displayed as hunks of meat in grotesque, extremely sexist, and humiliating ways, all while ranking them in some archaic, arbitrary manner based on how blasted their pecs are, or if their buttocks are extremely chiseled.

And you know what? It's total garbage. Embarrassing and garbage. Not because it's promoting idealizing men by placing more importance on their BODY rather than their MIND …

But it's because this stupid list doesn't even include Minnesota Vikings quarterback Christian Ponder.

Have you ever heard anything dumber?! I'm trying to figure out if the author of this article is just a RACIST or if she hates bad quarterbacks. I'm stuck answering "No" to both, because she includes Tony Romo on this list at number 25, so she must just have a jealousy thing against Samantha Ponder?

It's ridiculous. She gets maybe two head nods because she was thoughtful enough to include at least two Vikings on her list (although frequent readers of this site know that she could fill an entire top-25 list with the amount of Shirtless Vikings we have on our roster). She thankfully posts wide receiver Greg Jennings at number 21 (but has Jay Cutler next at 20? DON'T CAAARRREE!), and Adrian Peterson naturally takes spot number 2. I mean, yes, certainly he should be number one (Vernon Davis holds that spot, apparently, because this list is total trash), but as long as a sexist flamingo can make a list like this and get one thing right by having AD in the top two, I guess I'll let it pass.

But no love for the Vikings quarterbacks? The sexiest quarterback trio in the league? First, you have Christian Ponder playing shirtless like a boss his entire life, THEN you have Matt Cassel with his boyish charm and attractive wife, and then you have Josh Freeman's Mustache, that is a thing of glory. But none of these guys are hot enough for you? How shallow. How despicable. How very Vikings.

Listen, I get the guy can't play quarterback, but let's give credit to Ponder where credit is due. He can disrobe with the best of them.