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LOLVikes at Training Camp 2012: Pr0n Intro

Every year during training camp Purple Jesus Diaries offers a recap through the wonderful internet meme of LOL pictures. This year, we’re going to start offering them to you on a more regular basis as pictures become available, and because having to track down ACTUAL football news SUCKS. Totally sucks, bro. Instead, all the real news you’ll ever need you’ll be able to see in these pictures. So welcome to the first installment of Purple Jesus Diaries’ “LOLVikes at Training Camp: 2012 Edition.” Unfortunately, they probably won’t all be funny.


If the “Brazzers” reference is passing you by, I would not recommended doing a Google search to figure it out until you are at home, away from work by at least 25 mile radius, your wife is in a deep sleep you induced thanks to an overdose of NyQuil, your children are with your parents in another state, you have set up a proxy network to block your IP address from the CIA, and connected to your neighbors wireless service.

THEN, and only then, should you search “Brazzers.” Once that’s over with, come back here and laugh at this LOLVikes picture.