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Madieu Williams Nominated for Non-Football Related Award

Despite the Minnesota Vikings having a down year, not everything has been negative for the purple clad do-gooders. In fact one such Viking, safety Madieu Williams, was blindsided with kindness on Sunday afternoon when it was announced that he would be nominated for the prestigious Walter Payton Man of the Year award, an award given to players who perform exceptional feats off the field, away from a football, and most likely very distant from any actual game changing plays.

“This is a very generous nomination” said a spokesperson for Williams’ agent. “Madieu just couldn’t be happier. He really prides himself on giving generously through his foundation to make life better for those less fortunate. And he’s really still a kid at heart. I was over at his house the other day and he still had the picture of the first acute angle he ever drew as a senior in college hanging on his refrigerator. He’s just so proud of all of this accomplishments.”

The Walter Payton Man of the Year Award is a wonderful honor for the Vikings safety. The award highlights all of the good things that NFL players do off the field, a critical function during a season of game saving tackles, momentum swinging turnovers, and heady pass breakups by other safeties in the league, always for the other team. The award recognizes players with a generous smile, not a helmet-to-helmet hit, or a firm handshake instead of a smart angle on a long pass play. But this Vikings player? He’s just happy he could affect the lives of so many people who could care less about football, and instead are simply trying to survive another day with anus cancer.

While trying to reach Madieu for comment however, he was unavailable, as he was currently mid-transit between Winter Park and the KFAN Radio Station home, as he took the 494 loop north all the way around Minneapolis and back south to avoid traffic going north on Highway 100. In a voicemail left later, he was quoted as saying “I really thought that way looked like it’d get me there quicker …”