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Mail Dump Reminder for you & Saints Fans

Quick site news here while you reminisce over last years beat down of the Saints by the Vikings by watching Antoine Winfield’s bromancing field goal block return. It’s fairly obvious I post a lot of PJD articles during the workday hours. It’s cool, I am awesome at everything I do (including calling your mom after a night out to dinner and a movie) so I bang out both my real job and this unpaid internship / full time job to write poorly made jokes. Anyway, the real job is in transition currently and is going to SERIOUSLY bone me in trying to post regularly up here. HYSTERIA! So what does this mean? It means that your game preview for tomorrow either won’t be around until late at night, like 7:00 o’clock PM, or even until Saturday sometime. Bullshit you say? Calling the Vikings defense dominating, my friend. Unless things change that I have yet to anticipate, the postings here will unfortunately taper off from what we’ve all been accustomed to, I’m sorry to say. I may do content updates without tons of media or there just may just be fewer ones. We’ll be fluid and see how this works out, but I just wanted all four of you that read this to know what’s happening. I’m going to try and hang in there as much as I can at least through this week and (hopefully) next, so keep checking back.

Regardless, we still have a Mail Dump to do for the preview! So make sure you send all your comments, questions, funny Twitter feeds, message boards, hand drawn pictures, game day plans and everything else our way. Here’s a question for you to start with; seriously, what will you do if the Vikings win this game? I mean, the Vikings in the Super Bowl? I almost can’t comprehend it. How will you handle it? Send your responses to purplejesusdiaries@gmail.com, hit our Twitter feed, follow our Facepage, or leave a comment. See you for the preview … sometime.